Our Mission

Our mission is to support the next generation
of graphene oxide-based nanotechnology applications
with our team of experts and unmatched material quality.

Who Are We?

G-NOX is a company with international market reach and vast expertise in all forms of graphene and graphene oxide materials chemistry. Our product development and quality control labs are located in Canada and Singapore. 

Key Industry Partners In Place

 Develop application verticals, and to ensure we have a large-scale secure supply of the essential raw materials for product manufacturing. We are constantly developing new processes to make our graphene oxide materials at commercial scale. We are always striving to reduce environmental impact of our methods without compromising product quality.

We focus on clear and accurate data communication with our customers and industry partners. Our mission is to build a reputation for quality and consistency of our materials. We disclose key information in our product data sheets so that the customer can choose the product type that best suits their area of application expertise. In most cases, the chemical group functionality (i.e. C=O, C-OH, and O=C-OH) and physical properties (flake size, solvent type, solid/liquid state) of our material can be tuned to meet the requirements of your application. 

Quality Control

QC Disclaimer for the GO-Graphene Competitor:

Please note that all analysis shown on this page is listed for illustrative purposes only.
The results are from typical batches of graphene oxide manufactured for sale via the GNOX.ca
web store, some batch to batch variation should be expected.

X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) -

XPS analysis is a surface analytical technique used to the elemental composition of a given material. The XPS peaks displayed here indicate the relative proportions of carbon and oxygen present in graphene oxide paper produced with G-NOX ultra graphene oxide.

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) - 

The SEM micrograph shown here illustrates the typical flake morphology of G-NOX ultra graphene oxide (dark grey) when imaged on a silicon wafer (brighter background).

Raman Spectroscopy - 

The Raman spectra of G-NOX ultra graphene oxide products show the G peak, characteristic of sp2 hybridized carbon–carbon bonds in graphene, and the strong and broad D band and high I(D)/I(G) ratio, which confirm the presence of lattice distortions and a large amount of sp3-like defects caused by the oxidation process, respectively.

Fourier Transform Infrared Attenuated Total Reflectance (FTIR-ATR) 

ATR-FTIR is used to obtain the infrared spectrum for thin film samples. This spectrum shows the hydroxyl, carboxylic and alkene functionality of GO.

Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) - 

AFM is a high resolution imaging technique that allows close examination of the lateral dimensions of graphene oxide sheets, and to additionally determine sheet thickness. G-NOX ultra graphene oxide sheet thickness is < 2 nm, indicative of monolayer graphene oxide.

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